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Team 150%

2018 Texas Challenge Meeting

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Ladies & Gents,

Several of us have started working together to form the 2018 Texas Challenge Team for SE Texas. We are going to hold our first event (GC7CV3W) on 10/12/17 on the NE side of Houston (yes I'm aware some are going to Roundup on the 12th......only so many days in the month lol). After that we plan to have an event each week on Thursday for a month in each corner of Houston. This year we hope to encourage more participation than in the recent past and start planning earlier than in recent years so we are more competitive when its time for Challenge in Denton. I suggest reading the event page and attend even if you think we aren't interested in actively competing as we are looking for noncompetitive support as well. Finally....even if you have no interest in competing or supporting the team no worries....come join us for some great food....I mean who doesn't like that?

Josh - Team 150%

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