What's With Haunted Hides?

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Thot    57

I've never done anything deliberately before to get a souvenir, but I have a handful. In looking at peoples profiles I noticed this icon for "Haunted Hides."

I had to google it but it seems you get a souvenir if you found a cache on certain days last year.  Turns out I did, but I have no haunted hides souvenir.  So, what's the deal?

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KeyResults    604

I recall some folks periodically complaining that they didn't get souvenirs added to their profile after completing whatever task was required to earn it. In most cases, they simply contacted GC and somebody took care of it cheerfully after verifying logs, dates, etc.

For my part, I've only had one issue a couple years ago, but it seemed to be related to the way I logged the caches that somehow mucked things up. Basically, my logged date fell outside the qualifying zone required for the award. Once I corrected the find date/time all was good and the award showed up in my profile.

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TheNorman    132

If I remember correctly, this isn't a souvenir but is a badge, and after we qualified we got a message (or email?) or saw on a blog what we had to do to get the icon.  The details are now a bit vague.  It's the kind of thing that I don't see any reason to remember, so I'm now fuzzy on the details.

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HoustonControl    1,044

My souvenir says: You earned this souvenir by finding a geocache or attending an event from October 29–31, 2016. The Ghost of Unfound Caches thanks you for freeing her.

The ammo can on the souvenir art has some message written in runes on it.  After getting the souvenir, I got an email from Groundspeak that said:

You freed the Ghost of Unfound Caches!

To thank you, the Ghost concealed a secret password within the Haunted Hides souvenir. When
entered here, this password unlocks a ghostly gift for your geocaching profile. (View hints.)

The Ghost would also like to thank you for its release with a FREE spooky trackable tag on your next purchase from
Shop Geocaching. Enter the code SPOOKY at checkout to claim your reward.

Happy geocaching!


Not sure if I ever ordered anything to get the free tag or not.

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