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Kayaking on Lake Houston

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Benttandem    25

April 22nd proved a great day for kayaking, geocaching events and brand new geocaches.  Team 150% and mcguyvertwo set out a bunch of new caches.  Then mcguyvertwo hosted a breakfast at the launch point for the other events.  Team 150% (Josh and Annie) hosted a hot dog lunch on an island in the lake.  Finally MsPatt hosted a CITO event so we could all get a souvenir for the day.  There was a small chance of rain but the weather cooperated wonderfully.  We paddled north and at the north end of the run a front came thru with a great north wind to blow us back to the start. 
On "The First Annual Paddle Lake Kingwood for a Dog!"  GC72KX7 are 20 pictures of the events and the search for the geocaches.  If you are interested there are these pictures plus some more.  It was a nice outing. 

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Team 150%    4


You saved the day with the camera! I got so busy trying not to burn the dogs I only got 6 pictures.  Awesome write up as well! We are already trying to figure out how to do a repeat in the fall on a different section of the lake.


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