Kayaking on Lake Bastrop

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A group from Houston attended the Kayak event at Lake Bastrop last weekend.  We were in one group , B5 - searchingsimpsons, Team 150%, mcguyvertwo and Benttandem while in Bastrop Buddies were mspatt, georeyna and rambetta.  B5 started on the south end of the lake and Bastrop Buddies started on the north end.  We all met later on the north end.  Butch, the husband of rambetta, was kind enough to lead B5 in a car shuttle from the south to the north end.  We had a great time and found 15 kayak caches.  Here are a few pictures.  More pictures are on the cache "Don't be Stumped" GC6MDGE.







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A postscript to this adventure.  The kayak adventure got more expensive.  Red light cameras may be gone in Houston but they are alive and well in Elgin.  I drove to the event from Austin and that flash at the edge of town caused a chill.  Now the ticket has showed up.  That's $75 down the drain for being in too big a hurry:'(

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