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A little rain today

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I'm gonna guess most of CLAPS is under water.  Took these pics while out and about today.

First is Spring Gulley.  Arrow points to the pipes you paddle under.  I think if you hold your paddle up high you might be able to touch them, normally.

Second is Big Island Slough.  Pretty full.

Remainder are from Bay Area Bridge.  Water not as high, but that's far downstream.  Water flowing fast.  Park closed.  Pier by boat launch is under water as I would guess is most of the back end of the park.  Note the red arrow at the yellow sign that's normally a few feet from the bottom of the sign to the water. That whole island is under water. Even this far downstream the water is really high.  Would be a challenge with water-to-bottom-of-bridge level to navigate under the bridge right now.  The good news is a LOT of hyacinth is being swept out and will die in the salter water downstream or in the lake. :)













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