Found someones geocache in Barker Reservoir appears lost since 2012

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Was out this weekend photographing some reptiles in Barker Reservoir and stumbled on a geocache in an ammo box that appears lost for a while (hiding coordinates since it's been identified).  The cache was sitting upside down sunken a couple inches in mud, completely filled with water, with plants growing all around it.  Everything inside stunk horribly and was corroded badly.  There was no identifying information on the ammo box but I took the log book and let it dry out in the sun in my backyard the last couple days to see if anything was legible.  There are a number of pages that can still be read dating from 2005 to the last entry in 2012.  I moved the cache to higher ground since the forecast is heavy rain this week and the area it was found in will definitely be submerged for a while if that happens.  Just curious if anybody knows who's this is, where it came from, and how long its been missing?  Can let whoever's it is know where I put it and place the log back in or give it to them.  Some of the names visible in the log follow (Muddy Buddies, magnov45, FISHR3, Katy Thunder, Scubaduo717, greg77035, 2bentbikes, belteshazzad, Tim Grady, L-CLAN).




Inside contents


Last entry


Older entry


Condition of log book



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What is looked like when first placed.


Picture end of 2007

The coords and still correct. It was last found in 2015.

Last logged 8/13/2015.Pretty intense bushwackin from the route I took. I came directly from the east and walked about a mile threw thick trees and tons of spider webs. The ammo box is filled with water. Log book was soaked and everything rusted out:/ good adventure tho


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Thanks...i'd thought it floated there from somewhere else judging from how bad it looked inside.  It probably moved some though from looking at the description of the cache because where it was sitting is typically a standing water area.  I've got to be out there again this weekend or as soon as the water goes down (assuming the severe storm forecast happens) and will drop this back where it was when I go by although it probably needs to be cleaned out in the bayou.

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