Needed: Android Smartphone Geocacher !

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2016 Texas Challenge and Geocaching Festival Seminar / Panel Sessions are very nearly complete. Great slate of topics and speakers/panelists!

We have one hole we are trying to fill: Geocaching with a Android Smartphone (possibly c:geo and other apps a bonus)

This is intended to be a 30-45 min discussion on how one uses their Android smartphone to enjoy Geocaching.

Basics Basics Basics. A primer to help folks understand how it works starting with the free app, to why a paid upgrade, handy interaction between apps such with maps and email, then touching on why one might consider C:GEO or other third party caching utilities such as puzzle solvers, etc.

It's really easy. It'll be just like sharing your knowledge over a burger at an event...seriously. 

Pay Rate: uh, good karma?

Inquire within. (PM Me)

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Come on SETX, we really need someone to step up and help host this session!!!

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I must admit I am amazed we have no android smart phone users who are willing to share how they use the phone for geocaching. I swear if I knew how, I'd do it. 

This is NOT restricted to SETX geocachers either. ANYBODY from ANYWHERE in the world can conduct this session. The only requirement is that they be at the event, and know enough to help others be more effective.

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