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Registering for the 2016 Texas Challenge and other notes

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1) On the cache page (http://coord.info/GC5NTX8) there is a bookmark list of the rest of the events that will be happening during this extended weekend.  We plan to start Thursday, March 10 at noon and finish up with a CITO on Sunday morning, March 13.  We hope that you will be able to attend all of these events.  Be sure and place these events on your WATCHLIST so that you do not miss any updates.

2) If you are planning to be in Brenham in March, we would appreciate you registering for the Challenge.  Go to  http://texasgeocaching.com/events/ .  By registering you are entering your name into our database that will print nametags, sort out any purchased swag, etc.

3) Registering for the Challenge Event is imperative if you plan on competing.   ONLY preregistered cachers are allowed to compete.  The reason for this is that everyone is assigned a personalized scorecard for the competition.  Competitiors are free to compete on any team of their choosing, but usually participate on the team from their region.

Out-of-state contestants can compete on an Out-of-State Team or as a part of one of the Texas Regional Teams.  When you indicate that you want to compete but have no preference to which team you would prefer, then you will be assigned to a team.

4) Unfortunately, the TXGA data base doesn't interface with groundspeak.com.  That is why we also need you to post a WILL ATTEND on the actual event pages.  This lets groundspeak see if this event is truly going to make mega status or not.

5) We have some local hotels and BnB's giving us special deals.  Go to VisitBrenham.com for more information on accommodations and don't forget the info about the GeoTour (http://www.visitbrenhamtexas.com/geocaching/).

6) Finally, we are still planning and coordinating so place all of the events on the bookmark list on your WATCHLIST.  Also you might want to subscribe to our 2016 Texas Challenge FACEBOOK page (https://www.facebook.com/2016-Texas-Challenge-in-Brenham-408631855996762/).  Sorry for the long post, but the Host Committee wants everyone to have the most enjoyable time possible.  We look forward to seeing you in March!

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