Oldest caches in Houston area

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Not sure if I should've started a new one so I am replying to this one since I sort of changed it anyway....

But, it still has to do with the Houston area's oldest and the cache I'm keeping an eye on--GCF447. I've tried 3xs now to get ahold of the owner w/no response. Funny thing is, she quit caching for a long while then out of the blue, a couple months ago she logged finds on several of mine in Manvel. It isn't only me that wants to keep this cache going and yes, I know there's a big difference of opinion by everyone about trying to do so w/ an inactive owner. Houston Control also confirmed my suspicion about getting ahold of reviewers directly and trying to get them to allow me to adopt the cache. The thing is-- that NM wrench will get attention and ultimately the cache will be archived. There's got to be something that can be done. I just maintained it today after a Found It/throwdown log. Any thoughts?

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I can't remember off hand how far out his goes, but here's a current list for 2001 & 2002 placements.  If anybody wants more years I can do it. 


Houston's First (GC203) by Zephyr (2/2)
The Dam Ladybug (GC8C0) by NAROYAPA (1.5/1.5)
Challenger 7 Park (GC88E) by Mike Flannigan (3/2.5)
Brazos Bend Birthday (GC10E8) by Britt&Bess adopted from ljtxhiker on 2_10_09 (2/2.5)
'Arbored in the Trees (GC1D6F) by westtexgeo, Log Dawgs adopted by Bubberdad (2/1.5)
Texas Music Jukebox Cache (GC2255) by Paul Ag (2/1.5)
BB's Little Cedar Bayou cache! (GC2638) by UsMorrows now BaytownBert (1.5/1.5)
Snake Tree (GC2BDB) by Thot (1/2)
Solstice Spot (GC2D05) by MarfaRocks & KOR (1/1)
Abandoned WWII Blimp Base (GC2E13) by MarfaRocks & KOR (1/1)
Near the Yellow Dirt Road (GC3238) by Paula&Nizar (2/2)
Hoot 'n Holler (GC3A2A) by geowyz and zach (2/2)
Off the Jogging Trail (GC3D1D) by ATMA (2/2)
Conroe Diamonds (GC3D1A) by Team Troglodyte (1.5/2)
T.C Remembers (GC3F61) by Mardocff (1/1)
The Protector of Life (GC3F63) by Mardocff (1/1)
Burnett Homesite (GC46AD) by Rudy & Jerrydene (1/1)
TC Geography 1300 Series #1 (GC55A0) by Tomball College (WLCH) Spring 2002 Students (1.5/1.5)
Four Wheel Power (GC5D16) by Team Troglodyte (1.5/3)
Diablo's Cage (GC687B) by The Pigmundts (3/3)
Military History Series - San Jacinto Battlefield (GC73A0) by Breaktrack (1/1)
The dancers (GC73BD) by C, D & E (1/1)
Where owls fly (GC73BC) by C,D & E (1/1)
1st National Oak Park (GC82D6) by teddielynn (1/1)
Houston Zoological Gardens (GC84FF) by Teddielynn (1/1)
Keeping The Kids In Mind (GC8576) by Teddielynn (1/1)
Houston Holocaust Museum (GC8501) by Teddielynn (1/1)
Not Everything is Big in Texas!! (GC8676) by benoutlaw (1/1)
Rails of the Southern Pacific (GC8673) by benoutlaw (1/1)
All Aboard! (GC8671) by benoutlaw (1/1)
Wedell's Corner (GC88F1) by Ed & Greg (1/1)
One Man's Castle (GC8C39) by The Simplers (1/1)
Dementia Concretia (GC9A93) by Team Troglodyte (1/1)
The Media Cache (GCA96E) by NoFear & ARVPanda (3/2)
High and Dry (GCB7AF) by Thot (Adopted) (1.5/1.5)


Edited by Thot
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