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4.6: What is a “wrapper macro” and how do I create one?
A: A wrapper macro is simply a macro that runs other macros. In some cases in GSAK you can set a macro to automatically run. However, you may want two macros to run at certain points. In that case, you would just create a wrapper macro that runs multiple other macros. Tell GSAK to run the wrapper macro and you have, in effect, set it up to run multiple macros.
Creating a basic wrapper macro is very easy. In GSAK, in the Macro menu, choose Edit/Create. This will open a text editor. For each macro you want the wrapper to run, enter something like the following:
Macro File="macro1.gsk"
Macro File="macro2.gsk"
Now save your macro. Make sure you save it with a .gsk extension and put it in the same folder as your other macros. If you don’t know where GSAK is storing macros, then go to Tools > Folder Finder and choose Macros from the dropdown. That will open the folder that GSAK is using for macros. Save your file there.
Now when you run the new wrapper macro, either manually or from some automated place in GSAK, it will run the macros you listed.
For more detailed information on the Macro command see this link.

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3.8 seconds? More like six minutes. Way more clicking than just learning to use the filter function.

Interesting nonetheless. Hope it can do more than filter.

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