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Geosphere iPhone Caching App Refresh Coming

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Great news from the Mark, the developer of Geosphere, the comprehensive geocaching app for the iOS platform:

"As the developer of Geosphere I know it has been too long since I have been active on this forum. Unfortunately my involvement was needed elsewhere for longer than I would have liked. I am sorry for this absence and wanted to let everyone know that this will soon change. I plan to resume late next week and will return to full-time Geosphere development on October 5th.

I am currently unable to make any quick bug fixes as Apple is no longer accepting updates that use older versions of the their tools. The tool migration process, although non-trivial in itself, will be combined with a new more simplified Geosphere user interface. Achieving these two goals will at minimum allow me to be in a position to make quick updates if any issue arises. Major feature additions will follow in later releases. I expect this first step to take a couple of months of development as there will be much to test."


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