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Android Wheryougo Tip

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Found this in another forum and thought I'd pass it along. Seems I've been doing things the hard way.


Thought this might be of some interest to those who use Android phones 


Did you know?

There is a nice and easy way to play Wherigo-Caches if you use c:geo together with WhereYouGo:
Just open the Wherigo cache in c:geo and select Navigate - WhereYouGo. This will open WhereYouGo and automatically start the download of the cartridge file and you can start playing it.

After installation of WhereYouGo you need to start it once and enter your username and password for the app being able to login to the website and load the cartridge.

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fantastic!  I thought about doing a whereigo on sunday, but didn't have that particular one loaded yet and didn't bring my Oregon.

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