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Baytown Bert

Texas TXGA Challenge activity/events schedule & coords

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Texas TXGA Challenge activity/events schedule & coords

Thursday March 12, 2015
5:30 PM  Lab Caches, Check, now what?  N 33° 33.817 W 101° 53.309
7 PM       BB's TXGA Meet & Greet Flash Mob Phoon!   N 33° 34.345 W 101° 54.431

Friday March 13, 2015
2 PM     Check-in begins. Come pick up your stuff at South Plains Fairgrounds   N 33° 35.257 W 101° 50.093
6 PM     2015 Texas Challenge Friday Night Meet & Greet   N 33° 35.257 W 101° 50.070
10 PM   Friday night event closes

Saturday March 14, 2015
6:15 AM      Early Bird Meet 'N' Greet   N 33° 32.577 W 101° 56.281
8 AM      Check-in opens back up. Raffle, Silent Auction, and Pathtag wheel are open.  N 33° 35.257 W 101° 50.093
9 AM      Welcome meeting and rules, morning announcements. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST ATTEND!
9:30 AM      Final words and score cards will be handed out
~9:30 AM      Flash drives and Materials given to the Team Captains. CHALLENGE BEGINS when the starting signal is given. Anyone seen leaving early will be disqualified and a score of 0 will be given that is counted in the team's average
2PM      CHALLENGE ENDS! No score cards will be accepted after 2:00 PM. Any score cards not turned in will receive a score of 0 that is counted in the team's average.
4:30 PM     2nd Annual TCC Finishers Reunion  N 33° 35.270 W 101° 50.070
7 PM           Texas Challenge 2015 After Party!  N 33° 35.487 W 101° 51.332
9:15 PM     A Pi day gathering at night!   N 33° 31.677 W 101° 53.949
Noon       It's A Wrap  N 33° 32.109 W 101° 55.132  Update!

Sunday March 15, 2015
9:30 AM    2015 TXGA Texas Challenge CITO  N 33° 35.216 W 101° 49.757

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To all attending / participating in the challenge this weekend,

1. Have a safe trip up and back (Most important)

2. Have FUN (Next important)

3. Completing 1 and 2 and bringing home the Ammo Can = PRICELESS!!!

Best of luck on the challenge!!!!!!!!

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We're picking up counties out west--driving a lot, but having a good time doing it.  We saw a whopping big thunderstorm tonight.


We're looking forward to the event and plan to have fun!

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Texas Geocaching Association has posted a new announcement for 13th Annual TXGA Texas Challenge (GC4YE34):

Only a few short days until the fun begins!

Some information on things happening this weekend:

Lab Caches will go active Thursday morning at 9:00 AM, that is when the list will appear at this link, if you have any trouble shoot us at email at

Thursday evening there are two events happening in Lubbock.

5:30 PM GC5MNQG Lab Caches, Check, now what? (
7:30 PM GC5MNNK BB's TXGA Meet & Greet Flash Mob Phoon! (

Friday registration will open at 2:00 PM at the fairgrounds, that evening we are having a Friday night event!

6:00 PM GC5MXX7 2015 Texas Challenge Friday Night Meet & Greet (

Saturday is the big day, and it's filled with so much to do! The event schedule is posted online and will also be in your registration packets.

6:15 AM GC5KZQ6 Early Bird Meet 'N' Greet (
8:00 AM The Main event!
4:30 PM GC5KMGW 2nd Annual TCC Finishers Reunion (
7:00 PM GC5NDDP Texas Challenge 2015 After Party! (
9:15 PM GC5N93N A Pi day gathering at night! (

Sunday we have the most important part of the weekend, the CITO event! This year JMCz from San Antonio is running things.

9:30 AM GC5MXXG 2015 TXGA Texas Challenge CITO (

Be sure to attend the CITO and give back to the city that is putting up with us for the weekend. The cleanup will happen along the river / lake and in the "woods" (We call them woods out here in the west at least) be sure to bring your grabbers and possibly even fish nets for getting the trash out of the water. The City will provide trash bags as well as a dumpster to put the trash in.

12:00 PM GC5MRN6 It's A Wrap (

We hope everyone has a great weekend and safe travels to and from Texas Challenge. The weather forecast is looking great and we are very excited to see everyone!

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We took 3rd place and I believe the scoring was very fair.  We all got our cards back and WTX didn't dock anyone for a bad or mispunched card (how awesome)!  I saw no foul play or discord from anyone.


Larry Houston and TexasDreamweaver were on 2 of the 3 TXGA hall of Fame winners, which were voted on by the TXGA Board.


It was a wide open town with more caches than the time limit would allow.  We had a fantastic time with great weather. 


There were more events going than I could make, especially after all the pre-caching we did and the 4 hour serious run for the caches.  Rich Berthold (Rich & Lola) was high scorer on our team with I think about 135.  I had 125.5 with 31 caches found and I think I had the same amount as rich, but he had a FTF.  All of our scores were very close because we stayed together for a better average, AMAP.


I heard the City Picked up $1000 on the Tab which shows the paradigm slip from what we paid at Bastrop ($2400) if I remember correctly.


Next year's challenge will be in Brenham (Jenny Mills and her mother were on our team.  She's the Brenham Geotour CO) and Brenham is picking up the tab!


The Round-up will be in Kerrville, most likely in Mid September.


I met Gary WTX Reviewer and he is very approachable and a real nice guy. 


They are still in winter there and very bleak.  We saw a cock pheasant and a fox.  Oh, and there were a lot of Munzees there for those that follow this obsession.  :)

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Congrats to the team members, leadership and support staff. Great JOB!!!!!

YEAH!!! Brenham!!!, glad to see it come there. They seem to support the hobby very well and it is a great town, not to mention BLUE BELL!!!!

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