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Baytown Bert

Garmin ETrex

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Any idea how to make a PC recognize one of these ETrex Legend GPSr's?  I have three of them here and 2 different cables, but no cigar.  One cable is a USB and the other has an RS-232 adapter to a USB.

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Your USB to Serial adapter needs a driver. That needs to be functional first.

I've had really good luck with the IOGear ones. are others that use a different chipset and don't work so well.


Depending on the application you're using you'll need to make sure the protocol setting on the Legend is set to either Garmin or NMEA. Most modern applications will support the Garmin protocol which is preferred. Specifically in GSAK you may need to specify the COM port the Legend is using in GPS Settings.


More thoughts...

So I'm using you also have a newer Legend that has a USB interface. You'll need the USB drivers from Garmin installed.

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