Old Weingarten Mansion will become a park and Cremation Cemetery

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I looked at the gallery. Picture 9 shows how they are going to have QR codes on the memorials so that people can scan the code to read about the person.  That would take some getting used to.  

I can picture it now... "Let's scan this code about Uncle Bob.  Hmm says he died in 2010. I wonder what song was popular in 2010. Siri, what song was popular in 2010...... I remember that song.  I first heard it in that Greek restaurant...I think it was on Richmond.  I'll check GoogleMaps. Looks like the restaurant is still open, wanna go now?"

"Remember we came here to pay our respects. What about Uncle Bob?"

"He can't come with us, dear.  The QR code says that he died in 2010."  ;D

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Or, scan the qr code and get his life's website or possibly we could friend him and post on his his afterlife social page wall :)

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