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2 State Parks in need of an Ammo can maint run

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TxGCC13 Lake Livingston I


"Howdy. This is Ranger Janssen with Lake Livingston State Park. With our new "Geocaching 101" course here at the park we are getting a lot more geocachers this year than last year. We are getting a lot of geocachers asking when this cache will be replaced. If you want you can send us the container (ammo can) and I can replace the cache in its proper location. We would love to see this cache back in a functional status. Let us know. Thanks!"

TxGCC13 Sea Rim I


9-26-13  Cache has gone missing, again. It may take some time to replace as we consider alternative hides.


The Ammo cans can probably be sent to your home by the state, but these need some help.


Email me directly, as I am posting this in three places and I want to avoid multiple cans being requested/donated/ or delivered.



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That first one's hilarious! :2funny:  :uglystupid2:


The state park ranger posting a note to their own state park's caching program's cache about maintenance! Looks like the one hand doesn't know what the other one's doing!

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I take the park ranger's comment to mean he was asking the person who runs the TPWD geocaching account for an ammo can, not the general public, and was offering to place it for them.  Granted, it probably could have been handled better by email.

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