Caches up for adoption

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GC Code       Type             Name                                                              Favorites points


GC4KXYK     Puzzle           Guns, guns, guns, and more guns                  0

GC42J6R      Puzzle           5 Simple Puzzles                                             4

GC36TPT     Puzzle           Basic Ratios                                                    2

GC36H9C     Puzzle           Windtalkers                                                     8

GC36EJ5      Puzzle           FTF Hounds (Premium Cache)                       3

GC2Z3P3     Puzzle           Breaking a Teenager's Code                          1

GC341M7    Traditional     Broken Promises                                             6

GC2Z9B8     Traditional    Ancient Traders of the Far East                      10

GC28K5E     Traditional    GeoPup Randy #2 - Preferred Bank                2

GC28K51     Traditional    GeoPup Randy #1 - Puppy Chow Run            1

GC22VDD    Traditional    Tuesday Morning (Formerly)                           0

GC22K6X     Traditional    Country Village                                                0


Please shoot me a message if you are interested in adopting any or all of the above.  



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I have a bunch up in East Texas I would love to have someone adopt. A cacher has offer to adopt some but I can't figure out how to do that. Any help on this would be much appreciated. 

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