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What I've learned...Austin Edition

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amberita13    186

So this weekend I was out with my muggle friend to the Hill Country for a 10K race &...a lot of experiences on a whim.


I had to at least get my one cache of the day, but it seemed every where we traveled there was a lot of "Monkey" caches.

Are Austin-ites crazy Monkey Cachers? Or am I just coincidentally judging?  :angel:


On Saturday we spent 2 hours kayaking on the Colorado river, where I learned:

  • I should be very thankful for the caches along Houston-area waterways, none near 2 frequently-rented kayak-locations on that river were caches that were kayak-only. Every cache meant getting off your kayak & all caches could be technically walked to...
  • I should be thankful for a SERIES along our waterways. There were a total of 4 in a approx 3-5 mile length, & 2 were climbing caches...where one I disembarked my kayak, but then quickly did not want to see a fall on rocks below anytime I did not attempt further..

So really, I'm sharing this story because I want to Thank You, Waterway Geocache Makers!


Since I was with a friend, who it was her first time kayaking & is intrigued by geocaching, finding a cache every 0.1 would really be fun for her...but luckily she was just as happy watching dogs swim for their tennis balls  :D


For those who want an "achievable" climb, check out Cheeky Monkey,(although I didn't find it, see picture for example).


(In my defense, I was winding down my caching results to something large enough for my TB's too...)


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Dhaulaghiri    269



How cool to see you were in Austin this weekend too!

We stayed on dry land (mostly, LOL) and did a Monkey cache too (I just can't resist climbing them!), picked up a ton of Virtuals in the Downtown Austin area, and as a cherry on the cake we managed to find the Necropolis of Brittannia Manor III, arguably the coolest cache ever.


(Although I have to admit, my brother just sent me a message saying he found a cache with coordinates: N 50 00.000 E 005 00.000, which is also pretty cool!)

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