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Help offered for TXC

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Dhaulaghiri    269

Hi Guys,


I know I might be a little late with this, but can you/we still use help for this years TXC?

I'm 99% likely to be there, and even if you don't need more people to hunt I can probably be helpful for back-up logistics!


I will be driving and leaving again on Saturday evening.


I didn't know who to contact, so that's why I'm posting in the General Forum.



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JustKeely    91

Yes!  We need help.  ME!  Contact me!  What we need are drivers.  Anyone who is not actively hunting, please consider helping us out by offering to give cachers a ride to and from locations.  The hunt area will be VERY big, and probably involve multiple parks.  Come find us when you get there - we will be the crowd with flamingos on our shirts.  From like 8:30-9:30 am, we might be in the Show Barn area of the park, and groups of cachers will need drivers as they come out of the barn.  I would like to touch base with you beforehand, will PM you my number and email.

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