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One of the Texas Vikings

How your funniest caching story.

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I'll start.


Years ago, I was after a cache off Sorters road behind Lone Star college, along the San Jacinto River. I parked in the lot got out my trusty Garmin and headed into the woods.


The woods here are very dense with intertwining thorn bushes. It was really tough going. Came across several gator slides . Finally after about of 1/2 hour of bush wacking,

I got to the area. The canopy was kind of thick too, so my signal was jumping around. I walked around in circles for about 15-20 minutes and then I found the cache ! Ta-Da !


I signed the log and looked around. I had no idea where I was or which way to go. No traffic sounds, nothing. Then I slapped my forehead. I had forgotten to mark my car as a waypoint !


I kept looking around. Nope. No clue which way to go. I thought about calling my daughter and have her park in the lot and blow her horn so I would know which way to go. But, then I would have to put up with listening to her for years !


More sitting on a log thinking..... Wait..... Due west is the river. North the next closest object is Dallas. South is the river. (It curves here.)East is the parking lot or Sorters Road. Either one will get me to a point where I know where I am !


Ah-ha ! My Garmin has a compass ! Just mush due East and eventually I either hit Sorters Road or US-59.


A hour later, I hit a wall of thorn bushes, walked around them and ended up about 20 yards from my car ! hahaha.


Now, when I get out of the car, before I pick up my hiking staff, I mark the car !


And I never had to tell my daughter how stupid I was hahahahaha.  



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Mr. Dreamcachers (Wayne) invited me to find Snoogan's Row versus Wade cache now archived. We or he decided to cross the creek across a downed tree. Wayne went first and made it to the other side. He told me he though the tree had cracked after his crossing. I dismissed this and made my way across the tree only to have it snap in two and I was neck high holding onto the branch. Wayne tried to give me a hand. He convinced me to let go and swim up the creek to shallower water. Eventually I let go and he was right. I noticed that I had fire ant bites as ants must have built a nest on top of the log. I was still wet but luckily Wayne had a towel in the car for me to sit on.


Now that I think about it once we were both separately trying to find a cache in Cullinan park. He swam across the lake but I approached the cache from the other side. We never did find it. I also had a towel for him to sit on as I drove him back to his car. He went back later and placed a cache but I was with him so I never claimed a find.


I really miss him and Ruth Lee. I think they are living in Midland. 

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