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Nomination for TXGA Executive Vice President --- Mr. Team Four Paws

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I have just posted the following on


Nomination for Exec VP: Mr. Team Four Paws - Jason McGrew
I would like to nominate Mr. Team Four Paws (Jason McGrew) to serve as the next TXGA Executive Vice President.

Jason approached me earlier this year about serving the TXGA as the next Executive Vice President. He is a cacher and friend whom I have known since I started geocaching in 2005. Back then he was known as Geekqualizer but now goes by Mr. Team Four Paws.

Mr. TFP is the "owner / creator / webmaster / driving force" behind the Houston Geocaching Association. If you have never, I would encourage you to have a look. It is one of the most active geocaching forums in the nation. Houston geocachers have the site bookmarked on their computers since most members visit the site daily.

As I have observed and worked with Jason over the last 8 years, I have found him to be level-headed and patient. He works his way through problems in a systematic fashion all the while gaining the trust of his fellow geocachers.

Jason has a geocaching spouse (JustKeely) who is this year's SETX Team Captain for the Texas Challenge. He is a very active part of the SETX region, with fresh ideas about the future of the TXGA. I am respectfully submitting his name into nomination of the next TXGA Executive Vice President and calling for someone to second his nomination.



I would encourage anyone who agrees with me to got to and second this nomination as well as vote when the election is open.


Finally, as the exiting Exec VP, I also want everyone to know that I have no issues with the other nominee, Corey Davis (The Caching Dead) serving as Executive Vice President. I have known Corey for a while and trust in his abilities to do a fine job. Between either of these two candidates, I can leave my post confident that the TXGA is in good hands.

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