My Travel Bug Lifespan Study

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To look at the factors that might influence life requires you study each bugs characteristics and history.  I simply aggregated basic time data. 


In 2004 ago I did a bug life study that assessed the life of hitchhikers by size -- small, medium and large and by soft vs hard.  It is often difficult and time consuming to assess size and type of hitchhikers from the pictures.  I got tired and quit after adding only about 50 bugs to the study which casts doubt on the results.


To my surprise soft hitchhikers lived 50% longer than hard and had 30% more moves. 


Large hitchhikers lived 25% longer than medium, while medium size hitchhikers had 20% more moves than large.  Small had the shortest life but given the size of the study it was probably not significantly different than medium and their number of moves was about the same a large hitchhikers. 


So to get the longest life add a large fuzzy bear as a hitchhiker.   But, if you want more action make it a medium size fuzzy rabbit.

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