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walk in the woods GC17Y1F

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If anybody has been waiting for this cache to become available again, your wait is over.  Geojrh and I replaced all the redirectors and checked that the final is still in place.  Apparently a controlled burn at some time in the past destroyed the original 35mm film cans that were used since we couldn't find any trace of them.  This is a longish walk, and we wanted to make sure that the redirectors would be easily findable, so with the exception of the first waypoint (the posted cache coordinates) we placed two clear uncamo'd soda tubes containing the next coordinate set at the location.  At the bridge (you'll know when you get there) there is one at each end.


The final is a .50 cal ammo can that survived the burn, although the contents didn't fare quite as well.  Other than minor tidying up, we left the contents as-is for a bit of historical accuracy.  This one is a nice walk, rivaling the Four Cache Loop.  The trail is multi-use (i.e. motorcycles, horses, etc. have access) so it's very easy to follow.  Despite obvious signs of motorcycles, etc., we didn't encounter anyone or anything during our visit.  The weather is perfect right now, so if you've been waiting, now's your chance.   


The trailhead gate is closed, but there are no signs marking the trail as closed as is usually done by the FS, so we assumed it to be OK to hike the trails.  There is an area near the trailhead that can be used to park a car or two safely off the road.

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