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1,000 Logged by Cache Type?

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I know, I know, it's not about the numbers, but forgive my transgression as I sin and talk about some stats here.


I got to thinking about some of the accomplishments of many HGCS members and wondered...


It's pretty cool to log 1,000 or more Geocaches of all types!


Now, I wonder how many here have logged 1,000 Traditionals?


How about 1,000 Multi-Caches?


1000 Events?


1000 Virtuals?


And, of course 1,000 Puzzles?



Just curious.


I know GSAK counts out much of this, but I don't think it's very visible.


It would be pretty neat to see how this grid would look with DAVARLE, MuddyBuddies, Kirbydox, ParkerPlus, Rich&Lola, THOT, CacheStacker, Nov64, TexasWriter, MOS, FamilieRyan, Crifree, GeoReyna, and all the other long list of geocaching royalty!



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We have over 1000 traditionals, but our numbers on all other types are nothing near comma status.  Unknowns are our next largest category and we have…drumroll please…30. :angel:

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I have over 7,500 traditional caches, but not even 200 of any other type.


Think I may break through that soon on unknowns and events.  But that's still a LONG way off from qualifying on any other types.


Royalty?  :2funny:

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