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BB's Nov 16 Flash Mob in the Pines!

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The day started off cool enough, but the humidly was very high with no wind and before the 6 hour hike was over, it hit 84 degrees.  With only 3 hikers, we were a slim, but prepared group and I set us out at was later determined to be a grueling pace.  We completed 2/3's of it in just under 3 hours took a break and then began to slow way down.  By the time we realized we may be becoming fatigued, I led my 2 hikers on a "shortcut" which started easy and rapidly disintegrated into a deep and muddy ravine crossing that just about done us in physically.  Finally making it back on course, I left my friends and high-tailed it on foot back to my Jeep over 3 miles away.  I was able to use "special tools" to arrive fairly close to where they had traveled to (without leaving a destructive foot print) and bring them safely back so we could finish the last leg.  It's a great hike and very doable, but the high temperature drained us and if there is any chance that the humidity level and temperature will get as high as 70 degrees, I would seriously consider rescheduling your hike.  Photos on the cache page.



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