Introducing Caching Toolbox

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Caching Toolbox – Free Download (30 day free trial)

Do you ever get tired of searching the internet for all of the tools to help you solve those puzzle caches?

Introducing Caching Toolbox!  It’s a software program meant to help bring the geocaching puzzle solving tools to you fingertips within one application!

Current Features:

  • GPS coordinate conversions
  • Mapping of coordinates
  • Coordinate calculations
    • Distance between coordinates
    • Projections
    • Intersection of two circles
  • Unit conversions
    • Angle
    • Area
    • Length
    • Temperature
    • Time
    • Velocity
    • Volume
  • Translations
    • Base numbers
    • Text/numbers/binary/octal/decimal/hexidecimal/Base64
    • Morse Code
  • Digital Code reader/generator
    • Barcode
    • QR code
  • Ciphers
    • Columnar Transposition
    • Keyword
    • Image Substituion
      • Bionicle
      • DancingMen
      • Maritime
      • Pigpen##XX
      • Pigpen#X#X
      • Theban
    • Rail Fence
    • RotN/Caesar’s
    • Vigenere
  • Tables


Try it free here!

Trial period is for 30 days.  If you like the program and wish to continue to use it without a nag screen, you can register the product for a small fee.


Click here for more information on pricing and registration.
*Windows XP/Vista users: The Exit (X) button does not work for you. Simply select the dropdown in the upper left corner and chose Exit.


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