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Baytown Bert

Geocaching footwear - Timberland Men's White Ledge Boot

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I have wide feet and the Keens seem to be the only shoes that truly fit my foot well. It sucks they're not cheap.


They have a style that has a two piece sole. I've had 4 pairs with this sole and each set the soles eventually separated. I haven't had the problem with the ones linked above.

So if you are considering Keens don't buy the ones that have this sole design. The black tread portion is just a thin rubber piece thats glued to the bottom. It will start separating on the thinner parts that wrap up around the arch and heel.



I had Merrell's and they murdered my feet by the end of a full caching day. I bought a pair of Keen boots, and I loved the comfort of them, but the soles separated in at least a half dozen places after just 3 months of caching. The Oboz boots were well tested on our honeymoon trip to New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, etc. All kinds of terrain (like in this pic), lots of hours spent in them, and they felt great (and held up of course). I'm a huge fan of them thus far.



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I am glad I clicked on this thread... I have a feet problems and have really debated on what type of hiking boots to get.  I have had surgery on both feet for plantar facitis so seeing TexasWriter has found something that works I am going to see if they make womens pairs.  So far I have been switching between Nike tennis shoes and Merrel hiking shoes but both are at the point of needing replacement.


my merrell hiking shoes are comfortable and it's not easy for me to say that about closed toe shoes.  what kind do you have?


I need to look at what they are, I think they were just called Merrell hiking shoes. I like(d) them but was thinking I probably needed something a little more sturdy since it seems I wore them out quickly.  Then again, maybe I wore them out because I liked them so much and wore them a lot.  I was eyeing another pair at Academy recently.  I still wear them quite a bit but with my feet problems I need something with support and it feels like I need more suport.

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