Somebody Should Be Ready to Snap This One Up

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I thought this cache was at an interesting location.  It has collected 18 favorite points.  And, prime reviewer is about to archive it.


It's further than I want to drive to maintain, otherwise I would take the location.



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Too far for me, but juleed sounds interested. I may offer her my "Warbirds" cache near Scholles Airfield/Schlitterbahn,

I don't get to Galveston much anymore.


You listening, julee?

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So apparently the standard to get a cache eventually disabled by PR is 12 DNF's, 4 Needs Maintenance logs, and 7 Needs Archived logs over a year's time.  This is good to know.

I also love in the logs how one person tried writing a note directly to PR and another person said "What's with the reviewer here? Our reviewer would never let a cache go this long"... That made me chuckle a little.. probably PR did not have the same reaction.

There are a few confirmed missing caches in the Missouri City area that I would LOVE to have those spots but the CO is MIA!! PR needs to get on the ball..

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