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Baytown Bert

If you do this everyday...

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I actually have three chargers that hold four batteries each (either AA or AAA) and keep a big stock of fully charged batteries in my vehicle and ready to go (separate containers for the different battery types) at all times. I can change them on the fly like a cop with a revolver and a speed-loader.


I don't wear pajamas at night...I wear caching clothes and wait for PR to play my song. Seriously...


The list of notifications I have set up requires lots of scrolling to get to the bottom.


I am usually toting my bike or kayak (or both) around on my vehicle, because who knows where the caching journey may lead at any moment.


I have 75 - 80 containers of all shapes and sizes in my vehicle at all times (except I'm low on soda tubes because I keep giving them to cachestacker :stirpot: ).


I spent 45 minutes at the Container Store the other day putting together the exact container arrangement that I needed for maintaining all my supplies for caching, biking, hiking, kayaking, camo'ing, painting, etc. in a very organized and quickly retrievable manner. I also have a huge tacklebox full of micros, magnets, logs, etc. It stays in my vehicle.


I have lots of other things like this that make up my life nowadays, but I don't call it an addiction because I prefer to be in denial. Rehab is for other people. I can stop anytime I want. :coolsmiley:

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