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Fake Cemetery near downtown Houston

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At a party, I once met a wealthy, outspoken, southern dentist in his late eighties. Over the crowd noise, it seems he overheard me utter the words "Civil War" which set him off on a crowd-silencing tirade about the "the war of northern aggression!" following with " there was nothing civil about it!" The little dude had some serious lungs and about 5 whiskey sours in him. I thought it would never end! Later that night one of the other guests explained to me that Union Troops burned his extended family's home to the ground after raping, murdering, and pillaging. Obviously, anger issues persisted. Some years after his death, his Myrtle Beach, SC property was sold by his heirs. I got wind the new owners discovered a surprise while clearing some brush in a prominent part of the front yard. They found an enormous ornate marble tombstone with the following inscription: "JOHN WILKES BOOTH" "PATRIOT" Ironically, it created quite a headache and tourist trap for the new owners as word broke about its discovery creating a media frenzy questioning the true resting place of Lincoln's infamous assassin just enough to be news. As far as I know the gravestone remains.

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