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bbqbob2    176

Anyone ever visit Repka's on Buller Rd near Brookshire? A friend recommended it

as a great stopping point for a car or bike ride.


Bentandem has a nearby multi, A Country Cemetery, that mentions the cafe.


Sounds like a nice afternoon trip.

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Benttandem    25

We have eaten at Repkas from time to time. They have a reputation for good crawfish in season. The hamburgers aren't bad. There are several more caches in the general area. We have "Funky Texas Folk Art" (watch for old barb wire in the weeds) and King Kong Lives (a puzzle that should have been a multi. I was a green cacher when I did it). Other nearby caches are "Cache On", "Sunnyside Up", "Rise Up" and "Generals Tree". There is pretty good BBQ at "Generals Tree" in Monaville. We use all the backroads thru here from Brookshire up to Hempstead for bicycle rides. You can do short ones or long ones. The Stephan F. Austin monument is also nearby. There are more caches in Stephen F. Austin State Park and they will even sell you a park pathtag. It is an area we really enjoy. A little east and then north of Monaville is even a small winery where you might can get samples (I haven't been by it in a while but I am assuming it is still there).

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