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Cypress Creek Greenway Survey

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My BFF 2katz has been volunteering with this Cypress Creek Greenway group for several years and got me involved two years ago. In fact, recently, I was pleased to be promoted from 2katz's water bottle holder to 2katz's trash-bag-holder, second-class. Yeah, baby! But, I digress...


Anyway, this past weekend was another Trash Bash event. After the event, one of the big Cheese's (besides 2katz) asked for some help in getting input to an important study going on right now. The study will aid the project underway to build out and connect a system of trails, parks and open spaces following the course of Cypress Creek (40 miles) from Bush airport to Hwy 290 for walking, running, kayaking, and bicycling ( GEOCACHING! ). 


The project has done amazing work so far and a lot more is in the works. They have engaged a firm to survey the community to weigh-in on ideas about features, amenities, and high-priority focus areas that are important to you.


Short Online Survey:


This survey effort is part of the larger Bayou Greenways Initiative. Learn more at or at


This Greenway thing is way cool. Please help these guys out with a few minutes of your time to express your thoughts and opinions.



* As an incentive we were offering intimate Goat Man series tours - complete with Shiraz and Goat Cheese - in Baytown Bert's True New Blue Skidoo Jeep, but they've have been sold out for a while. Sorry.

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