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While you are over at the TXGA voting booth there is also a vote to change the charter. So that President and Vice President are elected at different times.

The motivation is to ensure some consistency on the board from one election to the next. However, it is my opinion that leaving the rules the way they are (President and Vice President on odd years, regional reps on even years) means that if the President and VP get voted out and the newly elected leaders replace all director positions, there are still six members of the board (the regional reps) to provide consistency. 

This also means that if a president decides not to run and the VP wants to step up he has to do so mid-term. This means if he wins TXGA has to turn around and immediately run a special election to fill the VP slot.

All in all I feel this is a solution to a problem that does not exist. I therefore would ask you to please vote NO! to this amendment.

Philip Lanham
TXGA Treasurer

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There is always room for differing opinions.   If the initiative is voted down... so be it, but since you have heard the reason for a NAY vote, I guess that the AYE voice should be heard as well.


The current Election Schedule is set up to vote in the Executive Council (President & Vice President) simultaneously.  This gives the appearance that they share similar views, but the members of the Executive Council are NOT a team.   They serve as a check and balance to each other.  This prevents a single member from imposing their personal agenda on the entire association.


 According to the Articles of Association:


1)  The President is "responsible for the outcome of all Texas Geocaching Association initiatives".  

2)  The Vice President is "responsible for the outcome of all regional-based Texas Geocaching Association initiatives. A regional-based initiative is one that is affects one or more regions of the TXGA while not affecting all regions."


With the current Election Schedule, the only two Board Members who are responsible for the TXGA on a state-wide lever could be replaced by two TXGA members who have never dealt with association business.  Great when you want to start a revolution, but hardly conducive to a volunteer organization who is currently maintaining vital relationships.


As the Texas Geocaching Association grows, it creates relationships with other organizations such as the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Groundspeak and  These relationships are created and maintained for the TXGA by its Board Members.  These relationships are vital in continuing to hold Mega Events or participate in conferences such as the recent TPWD meeting that resulted in "Ask A Ranger".


Now let us look at a possible result of continuing with the Current Schedule.  


Think about this situation:  You are the person at Groundspeak in charge of Mega Events.  The TXGA President and Vice President both serve two consecutive two year terms (4 years).  They cannot exceed the number of terms, so they are both replaced with a new Executive Council.


You have dealt with the same faces for the last 4 years and now your receive a phone call from someone you have never met.  They are asking questions that your previous contact has known for the last 4 years.


What is up with the TXGA?  They should know this stuff.  Now you are going to have to "start over" and break someone in totally new.  If you honestly put yourself in their shoes, you do not want to deal with "unknowns".  


With the new Election Schedule that you are voting on, the President and Vice President would serve overlapping terms.  When the President is replaced, Groundspeak is still familiar with the VP.  The VP in turn introduces the new President to Groundspeak and the relationship continues.  When the VP is replaced, the current President already has working relationships and so it goes.  The new schedule prevents a "start from scratch" situation.


In a perfect world, the current Election Schedule assumes the VP moves up to President and we get a new VP.... therefore, business as usual.  BUT as we all know, this is not a perfect world.  With the new Election Schedule, the ability for the TXGA to continue to function doesn't rely on assumption.  Rather it guarantees that all times, there is an experienced member of the Executive Council to continue to move the TXGA forward.

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