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GSAK Filtering Tip

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I'm finally getting around to sharing this tip...

So, back when I took five minutes or so to see how remotely close I would be to completing a color challenge, I thought using GSAK to filter for cache names that had RED in them would be simple.  Well, turns out it isn't so simple.  First problem is that it needs to be the only word, so words like Wired, Lingered, Pictured, Redoubtable, etc. just don't make the cut.  Other problems are to test for First word in the title, check for punctuation, etc.
So, i turned to my brother Kemis (some of you have met him...)  He is programmatically inclined as I am, but he has much more persistence at sticking with a problem until a solution is found.  If I can't find the answer in two minutes (maybe five tops), then i move on.
So, he comes back with this answer:
So, I wish you could just put this in the MFilter search box at the top of GSAK, but you can't.  not sure why.  The way to use that snippet of code is to Go to the Filter command (CTRL+F).  On the cache name, select RegEx and then put the text above in the box to the right.  See below.  Be sure to change RED to whatever you are really looking for.  Set other filters as needed (Such as Found/Not Found).
In my limited testing, this seems to work.  Of course, I'm not really sure what it is NOT showing me.  I'd love to hear if anybody finds a problem with this filter options.




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Seemed to work fine for me.  Substitute "WEST" (or east or north or south) for "RED" and it can help find out if you qualify for another challenge cache in the area. ^-^

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I just decided not to do a color challenge and my problem was solved very quickly. Lol

Apparently someone has accepted a color challenge now?


Anyway, bumping this one, since I had to search for it to answer the question.

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