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Upcoming GSAK V8 Training Info: BFF's GSAK U

GSAK V8 Topics Poll  

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  1. 1. Which GSAK v8 Topics Interest You? (Top 6 will be 45 min "events" on March 16) Please check only your top 6 topics. Thx!

    • Log Publishing Master Class
    • Garmin 62s Configuration Tips, Tricks, and Optimization
    • GSAK Common Problems and How to Fix Them
    • Typical Caching Day - Step by Step Complete Demo
    • Using GSAK with the iPhone
    • Aids to Group Geocaching w GSAK
    • Trackables Handling and Logging w GSAK
    • Challenges Analysis w GSAK
    • Building and Maintaining Badges and STATS Page
    • ROAD TRIP! Preparation of a great list of caches along the way.
    • GSAK V8: A Great Tool for Evaluating New Hide Locations

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We need your help. BFF 2katzs and I have been getting more requests for GSAK 8 training and we have the following events planned for a kind of BFF's GSAK University:

  • Log publishing master class
  • Garmin 62s configuration tips / tricks
  • Maintenance & troubleshooting tricks
  • GSAK v8 typical caching day demo
  • GSAK v8 and IPhone 
  • GSAK v8 Aids to Group Caching
  • GSAK v8 and Trackable Management
  • GSAK v8 and Challenges Analysis
  • GSAK v8: building Profile Stats and Charts
  • GSAK v8: ROAD TRIP! - creating the very best list of caches along your chosen route.
  • Using GSAK to help select new hide locations

The next classes will be six 45-minute-long Events planned for Mar 16, 2013. All will be done in succession in the same place. We need your help to decide which topics get covered at this first date. Depending on how this idea flies, we'll adjust to add more stuff and alter format.


Please complete the poll if any of the topics sound useful to you. No more than 6 though please.


We will get to the other topics soon!


Also, if you'd like to see a 45 min event on a specific topic not covered please let us know. 


KeyResults & 2katz


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I have answered the poll but I volunteer for the rodeo and think I work that night so depending on what time the classes start, I may only be able to attend some of the classes.  I figure some is better than none!

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We will be out of town. Would you consider doing the training again in April?


We'll need to check on space availability, but it may be a possibility.  The TXGA would like us to hold a GSAK 101 and Beyond the Basics class for them to come and learn, to be able to share the info/knowledge statewide. 


We also tossing around the idea of making a few GSAK instructional video's.

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We're also out of town for the training, but really want to attend one in the future.

If April, it would have to be after the Texas Challenge weekend.


We will be out of town. Would you consider doing the training again in April?

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Sorry some have conflict with Mar 16th. We will most likely reprise some sessions in late April or May. Our fav venue is unavailable until then anyway. Many of the topics will become online video or webinar interactive sessions too. A firm release schedule remains in the works.

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Thanks, KR and 2Katz, for putting these classes together. Further exemplifies your contributions to the caching community as a whole and is much appreciate by tons of people. I have greatly benefited from what I learned in past sessions. Y'all are awesome!

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A big thank you for your guidance with this. BFF 2katz and I believe we know what we need to do based on our little poll and conversations outside the HGCS.



We have decided to push back the GSAK University events to begin late April or May time frame, mostly for reasons having to do with location. 



In the mean time we intend to crank out some video "helpers" aimed at helping and sharing ideas with you our geobuddies. The material should should augment material already out there regarding the topics above with a couple additions requested. We're not real big on reinventing the wheel, but much of the material on the net overlooks some valuable details that are very useful in our humble opinion. The videos should be direct and fast paced, but you can start stop and rewind tricky or easily forgotten parts whenever you wish. 



We believe in-person hands-on device tutorials remains superior for many people, so we aren't dropping that idea. We're just delaying a little for strategic reasons. Also, some pending new product and software releases are expected and we'd like to be ahead of the curve if possible. ;) 


Thanks again!


Kelly - 2katz & Kenny - KeyResults





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