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Baytown Bert

Neal Parker is my hero!

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GC451RK  Balancing Act



"Spotted the notice of a new cache in the area at 10:30PM.

I had just visited the area just last Saturday looking for new places for a cache placement. I had looked here before back in 2006. Back then, you could walk down the slope and walk across the channel as the water was only half a inch deep. Last Saturday it was three inches deep.

Knowing what the area looked, I didn't know if I would want to try to go find it or not since there are a couple of barking dogs right where you park. Didn't want to have the neighbors call the Police and have them come by and start asking questions.

Drove up to the parking area and rolled down the window. WHAT, no dogs barking. Sat there a few minutes and no one looked out their windows. Might have a chance. Made my way to the location. It it on this side or the other side??

Since I had walked down slope before, I knew it was a doable. I made my way down the slope on my butt and go to GZ and saw the container. GOOD, its on this side of the channel.

Now how do I get to it. Balance myself and walk to it or not. Not a wise choice. Sitting down and scooting on my butt again, I made my way into position to grab the container. Being carefully not to drop the container and a blank log and holding a flashlight at the same time was a little troubling but I was able to complete the task.

Had to scoot myself backwards to get out on the location and return to the vehicle. Good, no police cars.

Now, get back to the house and a warm bed."

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I'm picturing this but the memory of a kitty with a rear end "dangly" unabashedly doing the "sit n skid" across the new carpet keeps popping in my head.

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