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Baytown Bert

January 5th 10 am at the Baytown Nature Center

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"Cache" in Hand at the Nature Center


Looking for a hobby that takes you out of doors, is fun for the entire family and can be done with very little expense or expertise? The Baytown Nature Center, 6213 Bayway Drive, continues its monthly Nurture Nature Series with a special presentation on "geocaching," Saturday, January 5 at 10 am.

Baytown residents Bert Marshall and Larry Houston (known to area geocachers as Baytown Bert and Houston Control) will explain the sport of geocaching, demonstrate different types of caches, and go over geocaching etiquette, rules and safety. Both are prolific geocachers, who've both found and hid hundreds of caches in the area.

After the lecture portion of the workshop, the group will find some of the dozen or so caches hid throughout the center. The Nature Center will furnish hand held GPS units for visitors, and several free smart phone apps are available for those who wish to use their own phones.

Still wondering what geocaching is? It's a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS enabled devices (including most smart phones). Participants navigate to a specific set of coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Some caches contain small trinkets for trade, travel bugs (small items that are tracked online as they make their way from cache to cache), or other small souvenirs. Finds are logged online along with hints and other tips for other geocachers. There are approximately 2 million active geocaches, and over 5 million participants world-wide. Locally, a quick search at finds over 8,000 caches in a 50 mile radius of Baytown, enough to keep even the most avid geocacher busy for a while.

The monthly nature program gives visitors the opportunity to learn about many facets of natural history. In order to safeguard our natural world and its inhabitants we must first understand the purpose and importance of each component. With understanding comes appreciation for the role each plays; understanding and appreciation lead to protection.

The Nurture Nature Series is held the first Saturday of each month. The program is free with regular admission of $3 for adults and children 13 and older.

For additional information, contact: or call 281-420-7128.

Geocachers: This is NOT an official event, but a good time to come on out and geocache!

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Basically, Bert will stand before the crowd and wax poetically about all things geocaching while I stand to the side and make funny faces.

You know, I can actually imagine your really doing that. ;):D

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