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log dawgs

CR502 15000 Block -San Patricio County

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CR502 15000 Block -San Patricio County Like Snoogans I have a TB that I am adding other TB's to it.

Send me a pm or email if you want one of your own trackables to be included in this growing and well traveled community.


#1 The tag you attach to this TB must be your own activated TB.

#2 You will never get your tag back. It will be permanently attached to the TB by Gorilla Glue and some other permanent method such as a pop rivet or screw.

#3 You fully agree to NEVER email a holder of this community TB to do anything other than thank them for taking care of it. Absolutely NO contacts to direct its movement or to prompt a holder to move it along.

#4 No destination goals that conflict with the overall goal of this TB to attend geocaching events and especially mega events. You agree that this TB can travel to any event at any time.

#5 No deleting discovery logs on your tag. Honestly, if you are the type to delete discoveries then why on Earth would you want your tag attached to this event TB in the first place?

#6 If it survives that long and we all know most TBs don't, log Dawgs reserves the right to retire the TB after it has been in circulation for at least 10 years. (Much the same as Mary Proppins, it will make the odd special appearance at big events there after.) You can put up as many picture and activity goals as you like as long as you agree that the ultimate destination of this bug is to attend as many geocaching events and get as many discovery logs as possible

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