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Critters seen while caching

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Three deer were at S CLAPS 54 today.  Shallow area and I needed to get to GZ.  I got to within 25' and 2 jumped up on land but turned around to watch me.  I got to 20' and the front of my yak was pushing into the hyacinth.  I stopped and the little one on the right in this video started walking to me like a dog.  Then about 10' from the front of my yak it realized its friends were gone so it bolted to be with them.

Maintained the cache and I could hear them walking back to the lake.  When I was a ways away they were playing in the water.  Eating the hyacinth (or something) and splashing the water with their front feet.  Was a really cool paddle moment.

Sorry -- can't get it to pull in the Instagram video (Cachestacker) although it shows it in the preview.
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