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The perfect idea for a MEGA Flashmob...

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Two words: Ninja Parade!

We geocachers could easily pull off a mega flashmob in conjunction with a Mega event. It might not get the mega icon but it would sure be fun.

500+ cachers could line a street near some place that has convenient parking for sayyy 1000 cars or more.

Give 10 minutes to assemble and clear the street. The Ninjas would parade through for 5 minuts and everyone would disperse to their cars and leave... Maybe to another location where there's a log book to sign.

It could be done. Depending on where it's located, permits to assemble, or to clear the street for 5 minutes, etcetera would need to be secured, but its very doable...

What do you folks think?

BTW, a quick google search will show there are plenty of caching ninjas.



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