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Brazos River Corridor Recreation Survey - Please Read/Answer

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Below is a link to a survey being conducted that will influence the future of the recreational uses (and allocation of funds) of the areas around the Brazos River. There are many geocaches in the area they are studying and I think it's important we share our unique perspective on what recreation means to us.

Unfortunately Geocaching didn't make the list of standard answers for the questions about activities (although kayaking did) but they did give a couple of "other" field to enter things. The hard part about that is it's hard to interpret these unstructured answers in the midst of the structured question to get a true sense of the patterns that are emerging. To help them be clear about that, please consider using the following "Other" answers to Q3 and Q4 so that our repetition makes the pattern stand out:

Q.3 Other: "Encourage Geocaching. It will draw the tourism and help keep the area clean through it's Cache In, Trash Out (CITO) ethic."

Q.4 Other: "Geocaching"

There is also a Personal Story section where you can share your own story. I'm sure we all have great stories to share there. Because now that I have written it, I though some of you may be interested in it:

Not exactly the type of story you were expecting. But here goes... A couple of years after moving to Fort Bend County, I started Geocaching as a hobby. One of the first Geocaches I searched for and eventually found is named "Dieter Dengler (aka Micro In A Swamp)" which can be viewed at This cache is a small white film canister in the middle of a flood zone of the Brazos which very much resembles a swamp at times. But it is so much more. The heart felt description on the web page was written by a local resident about his experiences over Laos in 1966 as part of the rescue of the only POW that escaped from Laos. Finding this cache lead me to watch the documentary "Dieter Dangler needs to Fly" and the major motion picture "Rescue Dawn" about Deieter's amazing story. Just amazing. This little cache on the edge of the brazos river gave me true perspective on a war that was fought nearly half a century ago and the personal tragedy (and sometimes triumph) that comes with it.

Please post to this thread if you have answered the survey. Feel free to add your personal story or not.

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