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GSAK V8 Macros for CO's

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I have been getting lots of really good questions about GSAK usage and GSAK Macros asked of me at events. I thought it might be nice to start posting some of those questions in separate threads, organized to the audience and problem solved. This thread is aimed at GSAK usage for Cache Owners.

I am of the opinion that most typical problems have been solved already in GSAK, by somebody, but sometimes [most times]it's hard to find the solution since it's poorly tagged or categorized. Other times it's simply morphed from its original intended task, but labels never changed.

Here I'd like to submit an entry for CO's. This one is dedicated to Pappy's Posse who asked about a GSAK solution to analyze and report who among us that have logged finds of his AHHHCHOO series.

If you are a Cache Owner and wonder who has found em, which of your hides and how many they've found? - Below is a must have macro that is a real jewel but few people in the world have downloaded. What a shame!


Got your favorite GSAK macros specifically useful to CO's? Please share here!

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