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I was in the area last week attending couple of SNOOGANS Event, one in Sugar Land. I happen to past an odd looking building that I had past many times. Turns out to be a new museum called "Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugarland". It was built in 2009. There is a good looking swimming pool complex next to it with various hours.

While looking around the building ground where to place a cache for this unusual place. The name on the building read "STATE CENTRAL FARM". Coord are 29 35.540N 95 38.987W.

Today, I read an notice that HMNS is having a Flashlight Tour Oct 18 at 7PM. Cost $25.00. I'm planning to take the tour while it is open/avaiable.

This site is sure inviting to a have a cache on/near the building/ground.

Would be nice to call it HE'S IN THE JAILHOUSE NOW or something to that effect.

Any comments or go visit the museum before hand. Cost of museum is $12.00 but the gift shop is open to any one.

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