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I use a regular digital pocket camera, set on macro mode. I place the coins on a countertop under a bright fluorescent desk light with some tissue paper over the bulb as a diffuser... then take about a dozen pictures of each side. I pick the best two, resize and merge them together with PS, then erase all the background, soften the edges and blank out the tracking number. I try to do that with every coin I activate, but it takes 30-45 minutes per each to do a good job.

Maybe that's why I have a stack of coins here I haven't activated yet...

OK, good advice!! I do not think my pics will come out as good as yours, but you have given me some great advice.

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HC - I haven't run into you since you offered these up. I guess I'd like to go ahead and get mine mailed. Unless you are going to LogDawg's event next Wednesday.

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