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Memories of GeoWoodstock X.

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teamCull    3

The dust has finally settled on GeoWoodstock X. I've logged the caches, TB's, geocoins and benchmarks. I've uploaded the photos. (All the while avoiding spousal wrath for not doing anything else around the house.) Along the way, I saw a good number of Houston area cachers, as well as cachers from Dallas (Dark Star) and San Antonio (Electric Water Boy) that I know. I also met quite a few cachers from across the country. In the end, they have become part of my geo-family.

I drove my car with Parkerplus who proved to be a great traveling companion. His organizational skills helped keep our finds well documented. He also had several great stories to tell along the way. My only problem was that I was a tick magnet. I attracted about seven of them, but five I felt crawling (Ugghhhhhh!) on me. Two other were not detected until that night. Our hotel in Jeffersonville was rather seedy. The area looked economically blighted and many people looked like riff-raff. Once I smelled pot smoke nearby. I saw only one other caching car there.

In the eight days of our epic trek, we found just over 150 caches of which there were about 16 puzzles, 14 Earth caches, 13 virtuals, 6 web cams, 3 letterboxes, 3 multis, 3 regular events, my first mega event and my first wherigo. I also found just over 50 benchmarks and logged well over 200 TB's & geocoins. I also had my best caching day (116) and month (374) There was even a wedding (of Crossmage to Phoenix Girl), which was a GWX first. I also had my first cache finds in seven states; Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois & Missouri. In Arkansas, P+ and I hit 100 of the 174 Americana Hwy 70 Series, thanks to a tip from Crossmage.

Thanks goes out to .Jpeg for taking the web cam photos. In two of them, Vandycam (GCMCZ0) and Every Breath You Take (GCMF4B), he took artistic license. He had us pose on several spots of the webcam and then he blended the photos together, making it look like there were multiple Culls and Parkerpluses. It looks especially funny in Every Breath as we looked like escapees from a cloning convention.

The day before and day of GWX was crazy fun. There are a lot of caches in the area just to the north of Louisville and you would drive up to a group of cachers then follow them to the next cache. It looked like something out of the movie, It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World with cars and people flying everywhere. Once a child almost got left behind in the parents rush to move on to the next cache.

GeoWoodstock X was everything I expected and more. Parker insisted we get to the park early and that was a good decision. We found prime parking and it also gave us a chance to hit several caches before it got hot and the crowds to intense. We walked through the parking lot writing down numbers of auto travel bugs. We would chat with groups of cachers as we moved to nearby caches then to the different booths set up long the way. I bought seven new geocoins and the Garmin man tweaked my Oregon 450. I also sat in on a few discussions going on in, thankfully, covered areas. The lunch was surprisingly good and well organized.

The wedding of Phoenix Girl and Crossmage was fantastic. The minister started off by making several geocaching related analagies to marriage than got respectfully serious about the vows. PG's wedding dress is something I hope my daughter will choose to wear. The geo-crowd roard their approval with the kissing of the bride.

The trip home was almost just as fun. I had the honor of meeting Parker's family. We met up in Mt. Vernon, Illinois with his two daughters, their hubbies and his one year old grandson, Elijah. My only driving nightmare was trying to get to downtown Memphis. I kept missing the exit. P+ will always be able to make me laugh by making a reference to Exit 30. In Memphis we hit a couple of must finds, former Houston cacher Mustard Devil's virtual "The Grotto" and a puzzle by the infamous Chance Encounter, "Ean-8." I see where Team Troglodyte also hit The Grotto on their way home. Apparently Snoogans was also in town at that time. As mentioned earlier, P+ and I hit 100 of 174 of the Americana Hwy 70 Series in Arkansas. He drove, while I dove. We even got questioned in De Valls Bluff, Arkansas by the police officer wanting to know what we were doing.

When I finally got home, I was too tired to even thing about caching for a while.

I'm not sure if I will go to GW XI. Although I could visit Jarihend, there doesn't seem to be quite the same pizzaz as this one was. Then again... :2funny:

David Cull

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ATMA    39

Where did Mustard Devil go? I thought he was just flying under the radar.

Good story to read this morning.

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HoustonControl    1,046

Thanks for the read, David. My wife's grandmother is buried in the same cemetery in Memphis as The Grotto. Not too far away, as a matter of fact.

We ran into the same tick issues in Paducah and Land Between the Lakes. Ewwwwww!!!!!

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crossmage    22

David, I know my wife is young and beautiful, but please remember that she is Phoenix Lady and not Phoenix Girl. O0 Also, for those who don't know, that Geo-savvy preacher that David was talking about was our very own, now reverend, kianlo. At some point we will finish catching up on our end long enough to tell a few tales and get back into the swing of the discussions here - at the moment we are seeing how planning a move affects the honeymoon spirit.

Also, for those who couldn't make it, some very nice people have been generous enough to upload photos here or you can check our facebook page for the wedding or there is a video (with not-the-greatest audo) here.

Edited by crossmage

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thacatfish    60

Congrats again go to crossmage and Phoenix lady wish I could have been there it would have been awesome

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Snoogans    9

Congrats again go to crossmage and Phoenix lady wish I could have been there it would have been awesome

The wedding was awesome. Kianlo stole the show up on the stage, but Crossmage & Phoenix lady were rock stars the whole weekend. I was really proud to be part of that. (plus it was a good excuse to go to my 7th GeoWoodstock.)

My memories were catching a cache or two at almost every stop from Houston to Sellersburg and back.

Getting in town jussst in time for the flash mob at Churchill Downs and then getting asked on the special inside tour by NCBiscuit. Finding out Biscuit was going to be Signal during the wedding and calling James and Andrea to tell them that Signal was IN to give away he bride!

Sharing my room with cachin' bud Corp of Discovery from Chicago and the famous ClayJar from Baton Rouge. We stayed up late talking every night. It was a mini event.

Hosting the bachelor/bachelorette party which was attended by about 200 or so cachers. Gordon Biersch was an awesome spot to party. Ending up the night at Howl at the Moon where they serve alcohol literally by the bucket.... Thinking I was going to get robbed by an overly friendly dude riding a bike beside me on the sidewalk just before 1am. I turned toward some cop cars and he didn't follow.

Cruising the Ohio on the Belle. A very unique event experience.

Blowing off all the flashmob runaround after the Belle event in favor of sleep and then heading to the registration event early and being very glad I did so. Going for a quick virt after the event and busting my White Castle cherry.

Missing the turn to GWX and sailing on for about 5 miles and then walking from BFE parking with my good friend Maingray.

HEAT & SWEAT & wishing the event wasn't so spread out. I actually saw more folks I know at the registration event.

Seeing my GW family and getting to finally meet briansnat, ClayJar, Torry, and Sioneva that have been online friends for years.

Driving my car through the event to pick up Iggy Prop and my 7th GW bowling ball TB. Haven't missed a year at GW without coming home with a bowling ball TB.

Eating at Red Lobster and playing with Crossmage's 6mo old grandson after GW and then driving back to Sellersburg to the Trading Event. CoD, Team 360, and I were the last ones to leave everyone else was gone.

Getting up and hitting the road about 11am and meeting up with cachers at every single cache until I hit Memphis.

Leaving the pit hole east Memphis Motel 6 (worst motel 6 ever) at 4am and caching my way home. Saw the biggest Black Widow spider I ever saw in my life on a DNF just south of Texarkana.

It was fun, but I wouldn't have done any of it if there wasn't a special and historic wedding of two good friends of mine going on at the event.

Edited by Snoogans

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