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Warning - Do not park here if you're entering GBP from the West.

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If you ever need a place to park at the northwest end of GBP, I live in the apartments on Barker Clodine located here:

You can probably discreetly park in the apartment complex office parking lot.  I do not think they really watch what goes on outside.  They also do not have any signs advocating that they tow vehicles that are not doing business there.

I know at the last big smiley a bunch of you parked at the end of the road.....there really isn't much proper parking down there so I would suggest you avoid that area to park in.  Being a policeman myself one can fairly easily justify towing a car if it is obstructing traffic....... :police:  That end can just get too congested and it's difficult to turn around, tons of pedestrian/bicycle traffic, etc.  I think it will save you a possible headache later.

What four paw said is exactly correct, if it legally parked, 18 inches to the curb, same direction of traffic, etc.  There is nothing a citizen can do about it.  That being said, they can still do crap to your car that can make a minor hassle even someone else suggested, just park a little further down the road.

I will even happily let people into my complex to park there for larger numbers of vehicles that need to go into the park....heck I will probably go with you!  ;D

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i parked at that apartment complex a few weeks ago when i went in after the big smiley series nothing happened to my truck there so i was happy with it

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