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I could learn a LOT from you TFP.

Word.  TFP is my hero.   TAZ427 is not so far behind.


hey, I'm about to dive into Microsoft High Performance Computing (HPC) in a big way... anyone here have knowledge in that?  Our R&D team have drank copious amounts of the HPC coolaid.  As a test bed, I think I will be getting a few 8 core last generation decommissioned systems to play with.  It is unclear at this time if we keep them in our Annapolis data center or ship them to our Missouri City data center. (LOL)   If they come here and I am paying the AC/AC costs, then I think we should at least get some fun test experience out of them doing massively parallel processing for the betterment of human kind*. 


* do you think I can expense that line item?




And BB has THREE graphics cards?!?!?  Who would'ha thought?!?

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I'm here again to drum up support for this noble effort.  It costs you nothing and supports research.  You can learn about the World Community Grid Here.  Several of the projects in my initial post have completed and new ones added.  Click Here to see the five current research projects.


You can see a roster of the current team members Here


Oh yes, i_am_jim is me.  I joined before I thought of creating a Geocaching Team

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