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Need Geocaching/GPS instructor for PowderHorn

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Howdy all,

  Saturday, September 25th, 2010, the Sam Houston Area Council will be holding week 2 of PowderHorn at Camp Strake, in Conroe. 

  This is an outdoor event to teach scouters about the available activities for the scouts in their troops, packs, and crews. 

  One of the areas being covered is the new Geocaching merit badge and we are in need of an individual or two - you don't have to be a scouter to do this - to teach 4, 2-hour sessions on how to use a GPS and lead the groups in finding some caches placed in the camp for the "full Geocaching experience."

  This is to get their feet wet to Geocaching, so is a great time to get new cachers right from the beginning on how to cache properly.

  Anyone who can spend the day to teach these sessions should send an e-mail to Sherri Moravec at sherri.l.moravec at that gmail place for more information and to commit.

  Thanks for the look and for the help.

SHAC Cachers

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If you have any more events of that type, give me a shout.  Unfortunately, I'm teaching a different sort of class that day, but I'm only about two miles from Camp Strake and would love to help out some time.

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