Going after 4th cache ever - GCD 7/4/10

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If anyone in the area wants to go with me, I'm going after GCD tomorrow (Sunday 7-4-10).

From what I've seen in the logs, the last 1/4 mile is in the snow (yep, snow in July!).  So, I'll pick up some long johns if I can find any.  Wouldn't want a repeat of HC's evil DANGEROUS cache!

I'll probably leave sometime between 1-2pm local time (depending on how the event goes).

If you're interested, PM me (here or on GC.com) with your cell number and I'll get the messages tonight... hopefully.

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He's talking about the cache GCD which is up in Washington state.

This message is really directed toward any of the Houston contingent up there for Geowoodstock 8.

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AHH.. newbie mistake. I think that one is out of my caching area.    :-\

Just have Farnsworth fuel up your private jet and go join them!  You'll be back in time for cocktails.  O0

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Well, I did the GCD cache and boy was it a pain!  Of course, in my fashion I made it much harder than it needed to be.

Took the wrong trail, that trail ended so I made a b-line for the cache.  My b-line was North of the real trail and it paralleled the whole time, so I ended up bushwhacking up the side of a STEEP mountain for about 3/4 mile.

At one time I was climbing about a 60 degree slope with huge boulders on either side and fallen trees that I had to essentially use as ladders.

Once I got to about 1/4 mile from the cache then it was a trek through the snow.  Luckily the snow was starting to melt so the top layer was somewhat solid enough to walk on.  I only fell knee-deep a couple times giving my legs a nice ice shower.

Once to GZ, I met up with another group of cachers (in their early 60's I'd say).  I followed them out on the right trail.  Come to find out they were at GZ about 20 minutes before I got there and I headed out on the wrong trail about 30 minutes before they headed on the right one.

SO, almost 2 hours for me, 1hr 15mins for them.  YAY!

I'm so glad those I tried to recruit didn't go with me... . although, you guys most likely would have gotten me on the right trail and it would be a 2 hour round-trip on a somewhat easy trail.  Rather the 3 hours on intense mountain climbing for me.

I'll post pictures and maps of what I did on the cache page later today.

BTW, I put a couple soda tubes in the huge boulders.  The STT's are NATIONWIDE now!  hahahah j/k

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