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Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 v. Delorme Street Atlas Plus 2010

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Hey there,

Santa brought a netbook for christmas, so I'm "accessorizing it".

I have a couple of non geocaching needs that I am looking at these two products for, but I want to make sure I take advantage of any benefits they give me for Geocaching. 

If anyone out there has experience with either, please chime in.  I'm going to test both software packages but would love to jump start with your experiences.

OK, so my requirements are:

1.  Road trip planning/documenting.  We're driving to New England this summer and I want something that will help not just finding caches, but other stuff as well.  I want to plan optional side trips that I won't know if we go for them or not depending on weather/mood/time.

2.  I need to import a list of street addresses and generate the best driving route to "deliver" flags to them.  Printing out a "trip ticket" for this is essential and being able to include a picture of any troublesome addresses or notes on how to find the flag holder a huge plus.  I'm doing all of this manually with a combination of Google Earth, Google Maps, and SnagIt.

3.  Heads up display on caching trips.  I love the caches along a route, but hate having to back for them.

I should also mention I will use a GPSr device for the both.  I have an old circa 2003 USB attached Microsoft/Pharos GPS for use with Streets and Trips and will get a Bluetooth GPS with the Street Atlas plus.

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I just tried with MapPoint 2010 (Same as Streets & Trips) and there is no option for attaching a picture to a pushpin.

However... you can use hyperlinks. Which means you could use "file:///c:\path-to-picture\something.jpg"

You click on the pushpin then click the hyperlink. Which would open the picture in whatever viewer you have associated with.

I know nothing about Delorme.

The paid version of Google Earth adds GPS support.

The last free version of Garmin nRoute is still out there but I don't think you can attach pictures either. I know in MapSource you can use Hyperlinks.

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Thanks.  I had map point in the back of my mind but no plans to tackle it yet.

So far the most I have learned is that my netbook has a really really reflective screen and you need to be careful not to blind the driver.  At least I learned that lesson without injury!  :P

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